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Auxilium Convent School Dum Dum is glad to inform you that the admission procedure for Nursery Class (2015-2016) is available through school Website. Do not wait to submit the form in the school. 

You are requested to take down the information that is given below and strictly follow as it is indicated.

♦ The School website is

♦ Detailed information will be available from the school Website from August 16th (from 10:30 a.m.) to 2nd September (till 5:00 p.m.). Please visit us at our website for details.

♦ Detailed information, as requested in the form, about the candidate and the parents must be submitted, to be eligible for the verification and selection.

♦ When you submit the Form, you will get a unique Computer Reference Number  which will be used for all future correspondence.   So please take note of that Number instantly.

♦ Auxilium School is a Christian Minority Institution and as such the norms of minority institutions are applicable in the admission process.

Replies to your Form (submitted in our website) will be available in the same mode by the 19th October and 22nd October 2014.

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» Applications submitted in the website before or after date and time schedule will not be accepted by the net.

» Applications received by post will not be accepted.

» School is not responsible for all your inconveniences. No further enquiry will be allowed in the school office.

» School does not take any donation. Do not be deceived by others.

» No third party (Recommendation) is entertained in negotiation for admission.

» It is hereby informed that there are limited seats and as such all those who apply will not be called for interview and all those interviewed may not be admitted.

» Please do try for other school as well.

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